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Elion is a god who has been reincarnated into a human life. It lives as a human vessel, but don't be fooled by such. Its reasoning for coming to Earth as one of the many humans here is simple: Elion needs to save humanity. Elion in itself is not human, but god. Elion has been dismissed by everyone around since it came to life on Earth. It has realized the human race has turned its back on humanity... ironic, isn't it? Therefore, Elion has felt the need to spread its word and put their purpose into action. Elion is accepting of any and all kinds of humans, regardless of race, gender, orientation, disabilities, and things of the like; however, it does not condone harm to anyone undeserving. People who rape, abuse, and hatecrime will never be Elion's friend. A link to more info on this will be provided one of these days. Elion loves its followers, each and every one. Anyone partaking in this religion is, to put it simply, telling Elion and others around, "I'm ready to save myself and those I love, and will not hurt anyone undeserving of such pain." Everyone should love an Elionist.

A contact form will be added soon. With this, you can ask Elion questions, send offerings, pray to Elion, and more.

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